Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter versus TaylorMade Spider X Putter

In the world of golf, selecting the right putter can make all the difference in a player’s performance on the greens. The Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter and the TaylorMade Spider X Putter are two popular options that have gained a significant following among golf enthusiasts. Despite their similarities in appearance, these putters have several distinct features that set them apart from one another. In this article, we will compare and contrast the Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter and the TaylorMade Spider X Putter to help golfers make an informed decision when choosing between the two.

Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter Triple Track

Odyssey Triple Track Bottom ViewStarting with the Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter, this club features a unique shape and design that stands out on the putting greens. It boasts a high-MOI (Moment of Inertia) head shape, which helps to minimize twisting during the stroke and promotes a more stable putt. Furthermore, the Golf 22 Ten putter incorporates Odyssey’s White Hot Microhinge face insert, which provides great feedback and a soft feel upon impact. This face insert is designed to reduce skidding and promote an immediate forward roll, resulting in more consistent distance control.

TaylorMade Spider X Putter

TaylorMade Spider X Putter Bottom ViewOn the other hand, the TaylorMade Spider X Putter has gained much attention recently due to its sleek appearance and advanced technology. The highlight of this putter is the True Path alignment system, which consists of a contrasting white “T” shape on the top of the putter. This design helps golfers to line up their putts more accurately, increasing the chances of sinking the ball. The Spider X Putter also utilizes TaylorMade’s Pure Roll technology, featuring a thicker insert that enhances sound and feel, while promoting a smooth roll.

When comparing the two putters, the primary difference lies in their design and shape. The Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter has a more traditional mallet design, with its weight distributed towards the head’s perimeter. This design offers increased stability and forgiveness, making it suitable for golfers who tend to struggle with consistency. On the other hand, the TaylorMade Spider X Putter is shaped like a wing with its weight concentrated towards the rear, providing excellent stability on off-center strikes. It is particularly appealing to golfers who prefer a larger putter head with more weight towards the back.

Points of Distinction

Another point of distinction is the feel and sound produced by each putter. The Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter with its White Hot Microhinge insert offers a softer feel upon impact, enhancing feedback and responsiveness. Many golfers appreciate this softer feel as it helps them gauge the distance and control their putts more effectively. In contrast, the TaylorMade Spider X Putter’s Pure Roll technology delivers a firmer, crisp feel upon contact. This may suit golfers who prefer a more solid sensation during their stroke.

Additionally, the price point may be a factor to consider when choosing between these two putters. The Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter is typically priced slightly lower than the TaylorMade Spider X Putter, making it a more affordable option for golfers on a budget. However, it is worth noting that both putters are considered premium options in terms of quality and performance.

In conclusion, the Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter and the TaylorMade Spider X Putter are two exceptional choices that cater to different preferences and playing styles. The Odyssey Golf 22 Ten Putter is known for its stability, forgiveness, and soft feel, while the TaylorMade Spider X Putter offers excellent alignment assistance, stability, and a firmer sensation. Ultimately, the final decision rests upon the individual golfer’s personal preferences and their ability to test and feel confident with the chosen putter.

Regardless of the chosen putter, both options provide the opportunity to improve one’s putting performance on the greens. I personally have been using Odyssey Putters for years and love the feel of them. But if your style of putting relies on a firmer feel in order to get the ball rolling on the intended line, the TaylorMade Spider X is a great option. If you want to see the latest pricing on these great putters. You can click on the links above in this paragraph or the images in the article to be taken to the respective putters on Amazon.com where we make a small commission when you follow our links but pricing is the same.